Government and Community Services
The Rural Bank of  Cajidiocan
President & Manager: Damaso S. Pinlac
Vice-Pres./Bookkeeper: Genevieve M. Calcaben
Directors: Tereso Rovira Tarrosa
Amparo Rovira Pinlac
Director/Cashier: Crisencia dela Cruz
Consultants: Engr. Alexander C. Rovira, Sr.
Noe M. Tarosa
Alex R. Rovira, Jr.
The first bank in Sibuyan island, The Rural Bank of Cajidiocan was established in the 1970's. The Webmaster himself was part of the team of Condrel Woodcraft headed by Mr. Condrado Marin who designed and constructed the Interior of The Rural Bank of Cajidiocan. The bank  caters mainly to local town residents. It is open daily except Saturdays and Sundays and operates from 8:00 am till 5:00pm. Tourists and visitor of the town could exchange their foreign currency at The Rural Bank Of Cajidiocan.
& Sports
Cajidiocan Provicial Hospital
Cajidiocan Provincial Hospital is the only hospital in Sibuyan Island of Romblon. It is open 24 hours a day and as a government owned medical institution, it accept all patients all over Sibuyan, Romblon.
 Fiesta & Celebrations
The Local Police Force
Cajidiocan Police officers are courteous and friendly but always ready to defend the people and visitors of Cajidiocan. Since Cajidiocan is a peaceful town just like the other towns of Romblon, the locals and visitors alike doesn't worry much about peace and order. In fact Romblon was awarded by the then Marcus administration as the most peaceful province in the whole Philippine archipelago, and it still is up to now.  
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Schools and other Learning Institutions in Cajidiocan
Cajidiocan has one of the finest schools in Sibuyan Island. Primary Education is subsidized and funded by the state government and therefore free to all islanders and all Filipinos. There are Public and Private Secondary Schools or High Schools in Cajidiocan which has produce graduates who are now achievers in their respective fields nationally and globally.
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The Churches in Cajidiocan
Cajidiocanons are deeply religious people and are mostly Catholics.However, there are also other denominations of Protestants mainly Seventh Day Adventist, Iglesia ni Kristo and Jehova's Witness among others.
Public Utilities of Cajidiocan
Cajidiocan is the first in Sibuyan Island to have their own electricity, established in the 1950's. The clean source of water in Cajidiocan comes mainly from rivers, mini water springs, and underground reservoirs tapped by water wheels.
Cajidiocan Telecommunications
Since Cajidiocan was the first to have its own Electricity in the island, Telecommunication was established almost at the same time the electricity infrastructure was built. Dots and dashes of morse code has had its day in Cajidiocan as Radio Telegraphy was overcame by a much more reliable form of Radio Telephony communications and the latest satellite communications.
AM (amplitude modulation) Radio broadcasts from the neighboring stations of Capiz, Iloilo, and Bacolod could clearly be received and is the major source of cheap, fast, and current news, informations, audio entertainments, weather updates, and oneway radio greetings from Cajidiocanons living, studying, or visiting these western visayas islands. Radio broadcasts from around the world could be well received if you have an SWR (Short Wave Radio) Receiver. TV Stations from Panay island could also be received with the use of higher antenna masts or towers. Manila broadcasts could not be received during the day but its crystal clear during the night. No FM (frequency modulation) radio could be received in Cajidiocan, unless you go to Romblon, Romblon. Computer is being introduced in Cajidiocan and it is expected to be popular in the near future.
Mode of Transport in Cajidiocan
Cajidiocan, with its rugged terrain and hills could best be explored by foot or by horse or by local buffalo called "Karabao". However, the roads, bridges, and streets of the town proper are well built of cement and aspalt thereby allowing modern mode of transportations to be used such as cars, buses, motorcycles, tricycles, bicycles and the popular jeepneys. Cajidiocan is connected to its barrios and other two towns in Sibuyan (San Fernando and Magdiwang), by a main road or highway called National Road.
The locals and visitors from a neighboring towns, barrios, and even the neighboring islands of Masbate, Panay, Buracay, Romblon, Romblon and Tablas normally visit Cajidiocan by either a human-powered paddle boats or sail boats or motorized pump boats. Inter-island shipping vessels regularlly ply Cajidiocan to deliver goods and ferry the Cajidiocanons and visitors in and out of Sibuyan Island to other parts of the Philippine archipelago. Sometimes even International ships visits Cajidiocan or Sibuyan.  
The Municipal Government of Cajidiocan
Cajidiocan as a town or municipality, is headed by a Municipal Mayor who is elected by the people. The Vice Mayor who is also elected by the people takes over as Mayor in the absence of the Mayor. The Town Council is a local law makers of the town. There are normally 12 members in the town council who are also elected by the people. They are called  councilors.Several constituencies which are subdivided into small villages are called barrios.Barrios in Cajidiocan as in the rest of the Philippines are ruled by Barrio Captains elected by the local barrio folks.They are under the umbrella of the Municipal town Mayor's administration.
All Municipalities in the Philippines including Cajidiocan is under the administration of the office of the Provincial Governor and Vice Governor who in turn are under the National Government based in Manila.
While all information and facts are correct on the day of compilations and publications, the webmaster doesn't discount the posibilities of error. Any corrections and updates on the above could be shared by concerned Cajidiocanons and we are happy to ammend and update the above informations. ( The honor goes to Susan Rafol Royo of California, USA as the first person who took the time and initiative of checking, proof reading and correcting about six typographical errors, spelling, correct word usage and other suggestions which lead to a great text improvement and integrity of our Directory Page. The webmaster extends his deepest gratitude to Susan for the valuable contributions she had made in our web site and to the town and people of Cajidiocan.)
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